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Intrinsically Motivated
Cumulative Learning
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CNR: Review Meeting 2013

The fourth Review Meeting of the IM-CLeVeR project will be held in Rome, 4-5 June 2013 (3 June: pre-review meeting)

When nov 15, 2012
from 01:30 to 01:30
Attendees * CNR-ISTC
Gianluca Baldassarre
Marco Mirolli
Valerio Sperati
Francesco Mannella
Daniele Caligiore
Vieri Santucci
Simona Bosco
Elisabetta Visalberghi
Eugenia Polizzi di Sorrentino
Gloria Sabbatini
Valentina Truppa
Flavio Keller
Eugenio Guglielmelli
Domenico Formica
Fabrizio Taffoni
Valentina Focaroli
Eleonora Tamilia
Pramod Chandrashekhariah
Luca Lonini
Constantin Rothkopf
Céline Teulière
Jochen Triesch
* AU
Mark Lee
James Law
Patricia Shaw
Kevin Earland
Kevin Gurney
Peter Redgrave
* UU
Martin McGinnity
Emmet Kerr
Joan Condell
Nazmul Siddique
Yiannis Gatsoulis
Philip Vance
Inaki Rano
Emre Ozbilge
Alexander Förster
Hung Ngo
Jürgen Schmidhuber
Juxi Leitner
Kail Frank
Marijn Stollenga
Varun Kompella
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Panel of Evaluators


The Review Meeting and the International Workshop will be held at the same venue.

The venue is in Rome in the neighbourhood of Rione Monti close to the Colosseum, precisely at:
Centro Congressi Cavour, Via Cavour 50/a, Rome.

The closest subway stations are "Termini" (Metro line A and line B; "Stazione Termini'' is Rome central station, where the two subway lines of Rome cross) and "Cavour" (Metro line B). 

The venue is 5 mins away, on foot, from Termini station, 15 mins away from Rione Monti (a nice area of Rome, see below), and 25 mins away from the Colosseum. 

Link to a list of hotels close to the venue 

Link to ''Centro Congressi Cavour'' in Google Maps

Centro congressi cavour

Draft Agenda

Rehearsal: only Project Teams

Monday 3rd June 2013

09:00-09:10   (10') Welcome and local arrangements (CNR-ISTC)
09:10-10:10   (60') WP3, USFD leads, Empirical Experiments
   (20') USFD: Joystick experiment
   (15') UCBM: Children experiments
   (15') CNR-ISTC-UCP: Monkey experiments
10:10-10:40  (30') CLEVER-K4  (IDSIA leads, IDSIA/UU/FIAS)
10:40-11:00  (20') Coffee break & Posters
11:00-11:30  (30') CLEVER-K4  (IDSIA leads, UU/FIAS)
11:30-12:30  (60') WP4, FIAS leads, Abstraction
   (15') FIAS 
   (15') IDSIA
   (15') AU
12:30-13:00   (30') WP5, UU leads, Intrinsic motivations
   (15') CNR-ISTC-LOCEN (WP5)
   (15') UU 
13:00-14:00   (60') Lunch & Posters
14:00-15:00   (60') WP5, UU leads, Intrinsic motivations
   (15') IDSIA
   (15') FIAS
   (20') USFD
15:00-16:10  (70') WP6, AU leads, Hierarchical actions
    (15') CNR-ISTC-LOCEN
    (15') CNR-Barto
    (15') AU
    (20') IDSIA-SUPSI
16:15-16:35   (20') Coffee break & Posters
16:35-18:30 WP7, CNR leads, CLEVER-B4
     (30') CLEVER-B4 SMC (AU/FIAS)
     (50') CLEVER-B4 DMC + ''Goal-iCub'' (CNR-ISTC-LOCEN/USFD)
18.30              Meeting finishes

Review Meeting Day 1: All
Tuesday 4th June 2013

09:00-09:10   (10') Welcome, agenda (CNR-ISTC)
09:10-09:30   (20') Coordinator (CNR-ISTC): Overview

09:30-10:40   (70') WP3, USFD leads, Empirical Experiments
   (20') USFD: Joystick experiment
   (15') UCBM: Children experiments
   (15') CNR-ISTC-UCP: Monkey experiments

10:40-11:00  (20') WP4, FIAS leads, Abstraction

   (15') FIAS

11:00-11:20  (20') Coffee break & Posters

11:20-12:20  (60') WP4, FIAS leads, Abstraction
   (15') IDSIA
   (15') AU
12:20-12:40 (20') WP5, UU leads, Intrinsic motivations

13:00-14:00   Lunch & posters

14:00-15:50 (110') WP5, UU leads, Intrinsic motivations
   (15') UU 
   (15') IDSIA
   (15') FIAS
   (25') USFD

15:50-16:20       (30') Coffee break & Posters
16:20-19:30 WP7, CNR leads, CLEVER-B4
    16:20-16:50   (30') CLEVER-B4 SMC (AU/FIAS)
    16:50-17:40   (50') CLEVER-B4 DMC + ''Goal-iCub'' (CNR-ISTC-LOCEN/USFD)
    18:00-18:30   (30') Coach to CNR robotics lab
    18:30-19:00   (30') CLEVER-B4 Demo (CNR/USFD)

19:30  Coach to Social Dinner
20:00-23:00 Dinner at ''Enoteca Provincia Romana'', Foro Traiano 82-84, Rome

23:00  People return to hotels on their own

Review Meeting Day 2: All
Wednesday 5th June 2013

9:00-9:10 (10') WP1-2: Mng, Dissem, Train. (CNR-ISTC-LOCEN)

9:10-10:40   (90') WP6, AU leads, Hierarchical actions
    (15') CNR-ISTC-LOCEN
    (15') CNR-Barto
    (15') AU
    (20') IDSIA-SUPSI

10:40-11:00   (20') Coffee break & Posters

11:00-12:30   (90') CLEVER-K4, IDSIA leads (IDSIA/UU/FIAS)

12:30-13:30 Meetings

    - Evaluators' meeting
    - Scientific and Management Committee Meeting

13:30-14:30   Lunch & posters

14:30-15:30  Evaluators' feedback

...intrinsically motivated exploration of Rome!  :)


Programmed Posters


  • Rodolfo Marraffa, Valerio Sperati, Daniele Caligiore, Jochen Triesch and Gianluca  Baldassarre 
    A bio-inspired attention model of anticipation in gaze contingency experiments with infants
  • Vieri Giuliano Santucci, Gianluca Baldassarre and Marco Mirolli 
    Intrinsic motivation mechanisms for competence acquisition
  • Valentina Cerasolo, Emilio Cartoni, Giovanni Pezzulo, Gianluca Baldassarre 
  • Bayesian models of goal-directed behaviour: extrinsic and novelty-based motivations
  • Emilio Cartoni, Francesco  Mannella, Gianluca Baldassarre
    Three principles of goal-directed action: a hypothesis based on Pavlovian to instrumental transfer
  • Vincenzo Fiore, Valerio Sperati, Francesco Mannella, Kevin Gurney, Ray Dolan, Gianluca Baldassarre 
    Keep focussing: striatal dopamine multiple functions resolved in a single mechanism tested on the iCub robot
  • Armando Romani, Francesco Mannella, Gianluca Baldassarre
    A computational model of novelty detection in hippocampus based on the comparator hypothesis
  • Daniele Caligiore, Magda Mustile, Daniele Cipriani, Maria de Marsico, Jochen Triesh, Gianluca Baldassarre
    Intrinsic Motivations for learning visual exploration: a gaze-contingency experiment.


  • Fabrizio Taffoni, Valentina Focaroli, E. Tamila, Domenico Formica, Eugenio Guglielmelli, Flavio Keller, Eugenia Polizzi di Sorrentino, Gloria Sabbatini, Valentina Truppa, Elisabetta Visalberghi
    Learning strategies mediated by intrinsic motivation: an experimental study on children and monkeys


  • Martin Thirkettle, Peter Redgrave, Kevin Gurney, Tom Walton, Ashvin Shah, Tom Stafford
    Cortical masking and action learning
  • Jen Lewis, Jon Chambers, Pete Redgrave, Kevin Gurney
    Flexible sequential action selection in a computational model of multiple basal ganglia-thalamocortical loops
  • Alex Cope, Jon Chambers, Kevin Gurney
    A Systems Integration Approach to Creating Embodied Biomimetic Models of Active Vision


  • Kevin Earland, Patricia Shaw, James Law, and Mark Lee
    Overlapping structures in sensorimotor mappings


  • Emmet Kerr and Martin McGinnity
    Object Exploration and Identification System using Simple Force Sensors
  • James Connolly and Joan Condell
    Robotic ShadowHand in Range of Motion Calculation for Rheumatoid Arthritis Rehab Glove  Development
  • Inaki Rano and Chris Burbridge
    Two dimensional Motion Camouflage for Unicycle Robots
  • Cormac Duffy and Martin McGinnity
    Learning Properties of Objects through Simulated Interactions in the iCUB Simulator


  • Pramod Chandrashekhariah and Jochen Triesch
    A curious robot vision system
  • Luca Lonini, Zhao Yu, Pramod Chandrashekhariah, Bert Shi and Jochen Triesch
    Autonomous Learning of Active Multi-scale Binocular Vision


  • Varun Raj Kompella, Marijn Stollenga and Juergen Schmidhuber
    Curious Dr. MISFA says IM-CLeVeR!
  • Hung Ngo, Matthew Luciw, Alexander Forster, Juergen Schmidhuber
    Confidence-Based Progress-Driven Self-Generated Goals for Skill Acquisition in Developmental Robots
  • Hung Ngo, Matthew Luciw, Ngo Anh Vien, Juergen Schmidhuber
    Upper Confidence Weighted Learning for Efficient Exploration in Multiclass Prediction with Binary Feedback