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EPIROB 09 - IM-CLeVeR Joint Event

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Ninth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems Venice, Italy, November 12-14, 2009

When nov 12, 2009 12:00 to
nov 14, 2009 12:00
Where Venice, Italy
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Since 2001, the Epigenetic Robotics annual International Conference (initially a workshop) has established itself as a unique forum to present and discuss original interdisciplinary research from developmental sciences, neuroscience, biology, cognitive robotics, artificial intelligence, and other disciplines relevant to the study of cognitive development in natural and robotics systems.

Epigenetic systems, whether natural or artificial, share a prolonged developmental process through which varied and complex cognitive and perceptual structures emerge as a result of the interaction of an embodied system with a physical and social environment.

Epigenetic robotics includes the two-fold goal of understanding biological systems by the interdisciplinary integration between social/life and engineering sciences and, simultaneously, that of enabling robots and other artificial systems to autonomously develop skills for any particular environment (instead of programming them to solve particular goals for a specific environment). Interdisciplinary theory and empirical evidence are used to inform epigenetic robotic models, and these models can be used as theoretical tools to make experimental predictions in developmental psychology and other disciplines studying cognitive development in living systems.

This year's edition of Epigenetic Robotics will have a special focus on emotional and social development, particularly addressed by keynote speakers and special discussion and working groups. However, submissions are welcome regarding all aspects of the study of cognitive development.

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Day Co-organised by IM-CLeVER and EpiRob09 (November 14)

November 14th will be co-organized by IM-CleVeR and EpiRob.
In the morning of the 14th Epirob will host presentations on intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, relevant for both EpiRob09 and IM-CLeVeR.
In the afternoon of the 14th, the common event will have the following agenda:

14:20 - 15:15: Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, keynote speech: Why language acquisition and intrinsic motivation should go hand in hand. Abstract

15:15 - 16:05: EpiRob Session 13: EU projects on Motivation and Emotional Development
              15:15 - 16:00: Gianluca Baldassarre and Marco Mirolli: The EU Integrated
               Project IM-CLeVeR
               16:00 - 16:05 Lola Canamero: Brief outline of the FP6 project FEELIX GROWING

16:05 - 16:30: coffee break

16:30 – 18:15 EpiRob Session 14: Discussion
               16:30 – 17:30 Panel session: The Roles of Motivation and Emotion in Development
               17:30 – 18:15 Summary from Working Groups and General Discussion

18:15   End of Conference and EpiRob Business Meeting

The whole  day will be free of charge for the IM-CLeVeR Workshop participants (within space limits). IM-CLeVeR workshop participants will benefit of a special fee for participating to EpiRob09.