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FIAS: Focussed Workshop on CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K blueprints

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Meeting focussing on the architecture blueprints for CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K and consequently on the intendification of areas for integration and collaboration.

When mag 04, 2010 09:00 to
mag 05, 2010 06:00
Where Frankfurt, Germany
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  • Finalise architecture blueprints for CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K.
  • Have planned or drafted the deliverable reports.
  • Identify areas for integration and collaboration. Specifically, identify which groups need to work together on which parts of the architectures? How will modules from each partner interact?
  • Identify areas for collaborations of high scientific value.
  • Identify possible integration problems, and groups to work on them (in the future). Are there any functions that are necessary, but missing in the current proposals, and who will be responsible for them?

By the end of the meeting everyone involved should know:

  • What the blueprint architecture for their demonstrator is.
  • How their own work fits into that architecture.
  • Which partners they need to work with in future, and on what.
  • How the deliverable report on their demonstrator is structured, and what contributions they must make to it before submission.
  • Where the areas for high impact research are.




Deliverable reports on architecture blueprints due ASAP. By the end of the meeting, both documents should be planned, and architectures drawn out. Drafts of the final reports should be ready by the 15th May, allowing a short period for minor revisions.

Two Tracks:
The meeting will run two separate tracks for CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K, with attendance expected as follows:



Attendees will be able to switch tracks if it is deemed needed for reasons of cross collaboration.


Session Chairs:
Each of the group sessions are assigned to one of the partners to chair. Please ensure that you allocate someone from your group to chair the sessions you are responsible for, and to allocate someone to take notes. These should be written up straight after the meeting and distributed to the relevant attendees so we have a record of the discussions and decisions made.


Agenda: >>pdf file


Proposed session agenda:
Day 1
Morning group sessions: presentations on the existing draft architectures, and presentations from partners on their work within the respective demonstrators. The focus of these presentations should be on where and how speakers see their work integrating with that of the other partners.
Afternoon group sessions: Initial discussions on the architectures, integration, and collaborations. Identify areas for further work, and any areas for cross collaboration with the other demonstrator. Prepare brief presentation to show to other demonstrator group.
Evening session: Present ideas and approaches to both demonstrator proposals. Discuss initial ideas between groups and identify any areas for cross-collaboration between demonstrators.

Day 2
Morning group sessions: Further discussion on collaborations and integration. Finalise the blueprint architecture.
Afternoon group session: Discuss the format of the deliverable reports. Prepare presentations on the 2 demonstrator architectures to be given in the final session.
Evening session: Present blueprints on both architectures to all attendees. Discuss any additional issues and ideas for the deliverable reports. Conclude meeting.