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Final Results

Main Results Accomplished by the EU-Funded Project IM-CLeVeR – Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots

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Guide to the contents

This document has the goal of presenting the main scientific and technological achievements of the project IM-CLeVeR. The document is organised as follows:
1. Project executive summary: a brief overview of the project vision, objectives and keywords.
2. Beneficiaries of the project and contacts : list of Teams (partners) of the project, Team Leaders and contacts.
3. Project context and objectives: the vision of the project and its overall objectives
4. Overview of work performed and main results achieved : a one page overview of the main results of the project
5. Overview of main results per partner :  a bullet-point list of main results per partners
6. Main achievements in detail, per partner: a throughout explanation of the main results per partner (but including collaboration work), with also reference to the main publications supporting them.