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G. Metta, G. Sandini, D. Vernon, L. Natale, and F. Nori (2008)

The iCub humanoid robot: an open platform for research in embodied cognition

In: Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop (PerMIS 2008), ed. by Madhavan, R. and Messina, E., ACM (ISBN: 978-1-60558-293-1).

We report about the iCub, a humanoid robot for research in embodied cognition. At 104 cm tall, the iCub has the size of a three and half year old child. It will be able to crawl on all fours and sit up to manipulate objects. Its hands have been designed to support sophisticate manipulation skills. The iCub is distributed as Open Source following the GPL/FDL licenses. The entire design is available for download from the project homepage and repository ( In the following, we will concentrate on the description of the hardware and software systems. The scientific objectives of the project and its philosophical underpinning are described extensively elsewhere.
Humanoid Robotics; Cognitive Systems; Open Source; Software Modularity.
Relevant for: WP7 integration. The iCub humanoid robot, used for the project integration.