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List of key publications of IM-CLeVeR, searchable by reference type. Key publications furnished the background knowledge from where IM-CLeVeR started its research.

This folder holds the following references to publications, filtered by year.

There are 3 references in this bibliography folder for Incollection type.

Sandini, G, Metta, G, and Vernon, D (2007).
The iCub cognitive humanoid robot: an open-system research platform for enactive cognition
In: 50 years of artificial intelligence. Essays dedicated to the 50th anniversary of artificial intelligence, ed. by Lungarella, M. and Iida, F. and Bongard, J.and Pfeifer, R., vol. 4850, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Fragaszy, DM, Visalberghi, E, and Fedigan, LM (2004).
Engaging the world. Exploration and problem-solving
In: The complete Capuchin: the biology of genus Cebus, ed. by Fragaszy, D. M. and Visalberghi, E. and Fedigan, L. M., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Schmidhuber, J (1991).
Curious model-building control systems
In: Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, vol. 2, pp. 1458-1463, IEEE.