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List of all publications whose research was partially or wholly funded by the IM-CLeVeR project, sorted by reference type.

This folder holds the following references to publications, filtered by year.

There are 4 references in this bibliography folder for Inbook type.

Visalberghi, E and Fragaszy, D (2013).
The Etho-Cebus Project: Stone-tool use by wild capuchin monkeys
In: Tool Use in Animals: Cognition and Ecology , ed. by C. Sanz, J. Call, C. Boesch. Cambridge University Press, chap. 10, pp. 203-222.

Lee, M, Nehmzow, U, and Rodrigues, M (2012).
Towards cognitive robotics: Robotics, biology and developmental psychology
In: The Complex Mind: An Interdisciplinary Approach, ed. by McFarland, D., Stenning, K., McGonigle-Chalmers, M., Hendry, D. . Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 6, pp. 103-126.

Siddique, N and Amavasai, B (2012).
An Investigation into the Adaptive Capacity of Recurrent Neural Networks
In: Springer-Verlag edited book series of "Studies in Computational Intelligence", ed. by Ivan Jordanov and Lakhmi Jain. Springer-Verlag, vol. 442, chap. 8, pp. 119-138. (ISBN: 978-3-642-32176-4).

Visalberghi, E and Fragaszy, D (2012).
Learning How to Forage: Socially Biased Individual Learning and “Niche Construction” in Wild Capuchin Monkeys
In: The Primate Mind, ed. by F. B.M. de Waal and P.F. Ferrari. Harvard University Press, chap. 6, pp. 81-98.