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Current version of the common programming standard 4/12/2009

All partners committed to use a  good-programming standard during the Scientific and Management Commettee Meeting held at the kick-off meeting of Rome. In that occasion we set the basic principles of such standard (now these might be refined on the basis of partners’ feedback: the updated version will be kept by CNR on the IM-CLeVeR web).

The principles are as follows: 

  • Object oriented programming: everybody will use good programming object-oriented practices
  • Everybody will structure the code of models in terms of:
    • Initialisation function: to be invoked once at the beginning of the program run;  will contain constructors, initialisations, parameter settings, etc.
    • Step function: to be invoked at every step of the simulations
  • Doxygen comments: Code will be commented using the standard ‘’Doxygen’’.
  • Comments will at least furnish this information on the code:
    • Overall goals and functioning of the model
    • Meaning of variables
    • Functionality implemented by the step function and its main components.