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iCub simulator virtual disk

This archive includes the virtual disc ICUB.vdi that can  run on VirtualBox (see ).It contains an Ubuntu 10.04 machine with the ICUB simulator and the YARP server preinstalled.

In order to use the ICUB virtual disc on VirtualBox, create a virtual machine with the following options:

  1. In "VMName and OS name", Name: whatever you like, Operating system: Linux, Version: Ubuntu.
  2. In "Memory", choose the maximum with respect to the green line.
  3. In "Virtual Hard Disk", choose "Use existing hard disk" and give the path to the extracted ICUB.vdi file.
Once you have created the virtual machine open Settings->Diplay

and modify the following options:

  • Video Memory: choose the maximum with respect to the green line.
  • Enable 3D acceleration: on.


 The virtual Ubuntu machine contains a single user (user: icub, pwd: icub) automatically logged in at startup with sudoer privileges.