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Related Robots

Videos of robots exhibiting control or hardware features relevant for IM-CLeVeR

 Closely related to IM-CLeVeR


Name Authors Description Videos
Cumulative leaning, hierarchical fashion
Kuindersma, Scott and
Konidaris, George.
University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Autonomous Learning Laboratory
The video illustrates a robot that can learn in a cumulative fashion to open some doors and reach a target. In particular the robot has a set of dynamic motor primitives and is capable of assembling them reactively or model-based.




Name Authors Description Videos
Fine manipulation robot Company: Shadow  A robot exhibiting very fine manipulation capabilities, moving slowly but precisely, e.g. to insert thread into a needle hole. Remotely controlled via cyberglove.   Video 
 Ecce Robot: Embodied Cognition in Compliently Engineered Robot European Project: Ecce Robot
Research Group: Robotics and Embedded systems, Technische Universitat Muschen
A new philosophy of robot hardware: a humanoid robot built with low cost materials (e.g., screwdriver engines and elastic ropes), stronlgy bio-inspired (very compliant, with elastic/damping properties of muscles, etc.) Video
Festo pneumatic robot
An high-quality humanoid robot-arm and hand, based on Mc-Kibben pneumatic muscles.
Festo air-arm 2
A bio-inspired quality robot-arm based on Mc-Kibben pneumatic muscles, that can move very gracefully as a dancer.



Name Authors Description Videos
Honda Asimo Company:
Japanese philosophy humanoid robot. Video
 Stepper 3D
 Research group:
Robot Walkin Group, Department of automation, Tsinghua University
A very simpler robot, with light hardware, as big as iCub, capable of walking rather fast and stably. Built for legged robot-cup.  Video
 BigDog Company:
Boston Dynamics 
 A 4-legged robot, as big as a small horse, very biologically similar robot (looks like a real quadruped), shaky but incredibly stable and robust (resists bed kicks!), capable of walking on all kind of terrains, capable of carrying heavy loads.  

Nao Robot
A short humanoid robot (about 50-60 cm tall), interestng because relatively cheap (20000 euros for the academic version) and robust (offers rigid or compliant control; can fall on the floar without breaking and raisese alonw).