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Intrinsically Motivated
Cumulative Learning
Versatile Robots

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Conference Reference Pschema: A developmental schema learning framework for embodied agents
Conference Reference Novelty Detection for Autonomous Inspection Robots in Dynamic Environment
This paper presents a dynamic neural network based novelty fi lter where a mobile robot explored a dynamic environment and built a temporal model of robot ...
Inproceedings Reference The Modular Behavioral Environment for Humanoids and other Robots (MoBeE)
To produce even the simplest human-like behaviors, a humanoid robot must be able to see, act, and react, within a tightly integrated behavioral control system. ...
Conference Reference Bayesian variable order Markov models
Inproceedings Reference Complexity of stochastic branch and bound methods for belief tree search in Bayesian reinforcement learning
Event EPIROB 09 - IM-CLeVeR Joint Event
Ninth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems Venice, Italy, November 12-14, 2009
Event First International Workshop on Intrinsic Motivations and Open-Ended Development in Animals, Humans, and Robots (IMOD-2009)
IM-CLeVeR International Workshop will be held in Venice on November 15-17 2009. The workshop will be preceded, at the same venue, by EpiRob09 and is free of ...