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Intrinsically Motivated
Cumulative Learning
Versatile Robots

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Event CNR: IM-CLeVeR Meetings at Capo Caccia
This web-page gives all info on the Capocaccia event: (a) Scientific meeting; (b) 2 Focussed meetings; (c) Project Committees meetings; (d) IM-CLeVeR First ...
Event IDSIA: IM-CLeVeR workshop on CLeVeR-K framework and demonstrator
We plan a two days hands-on workshop with talks in the morning and hand-on sessions in the afternoon. The talks will be practical oriented. The workshop will ...
Event USFD: IM-CLeVeR Technical integration
The IM-Clever integration workshop in Sheffield will start next week Wednesday so here is a recap of the meeting agenda, tips on pre-meeting software ...
Event FIAS: Focussed Workshop on CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K blueprints
Meeting focussing on the architecture blueprints for CLEVER-B and CLEVER-K and consequently on the intendification of areas for integration and collaboration.
Event UU: Focussed Workshop on Visual Perception and Novelty Detection
Aims of the workshop are: To elaborate on the various approaches to novelty detection, and; To clarify collaboration and potential overlap and to establish ...
Event USFD: project meeting 17-19 January 2012
Event FIAS: project meeting 18-20 September 2012
A 2 days project workshop directed to to (1) discuss the feedback received by the evaluators; (2) coordinate the work amongst partners; (3) define the details ...
Event Second International Workshop on Intrinsic Motivations and Open-Ended Development in Animals, Humans, and Robots (IMOD-2013)
The second and final ''International IM-CLeVeR Workshop'', directed to draw the state of the art in open-ended development from a highly interdisciplinary ...
Event USFD: Focussed Workshop on Action Learning
This workshop involved people from Sheffield (USFD) and Rome (CNR-ISTC-LOCEN) and focused on experimental and computational aspects of action representation, ...
Event UCBM: Focussed Workshop on Motor Babbling
Developmental experiments and models of motor babbling. Experiments and models on cumulative learning with children
Event Series of International Seminars on `Intrinsic motivations and cumulative learning' at ISTC-CNR
Event First International Workshop on Intrinsic Motivations and Open-Ended Development in Animals, Humans, and Robots (IMOD-2009)
IM-CLeVeR International Workshop will be held in Venice on November 15-17 2009. The workshop will be preceded, at the same venue, by EpiRob09 and is free of ...
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